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Welcome to Preschool Play Tricks! Preschool Play Tricks is a hands-on, play-based preschool curriculum carefully designed for ages 2-4 and YOU! I believe you are your child's first teacher so I've created everything you need to provide your child a rich learning environment focused on fun at home! Think of this program as an easier to comprehend parenting book, I include everything you need in a quick and easy way so that you actually enjoy (and are excited about) teaching your child.

I realize I might be the only one out there who truly loves curriculum. As a former preschool and K-3rd grade teacher, I anxiously awaited the day where I could finally blend teaching with parenting. Preschool at home is a great way to save money, let your child be little for a tiny bit longer, spend time together, and prepare you for many years of "teaching" your child I began my search online for an at home preschool program for my 2.5 year old but after scanning the web, I couldn't find a program that fit what I was looking for: play-based, hands-on, flexible, low-prep, and here we are!


Each unit is 2 weeks (10 days) long and typically contains around 60 hands-on learning activities. The units are themed and offered individually or as a growing bundle so you can pick and choose based on your child's interests. Each unit focuses on one or two driving questions (an education term that stems from project-based learning) for a clear purpose. The daily lessons contain simple play-based activities combined with printable manipulatives.


Choose the growing preschool bundle and save over 75%! Purchasing the growing bundle means that you save over 75% on every unit, any updates to the resources, easy access to all the units, and ALL future units for free (19 in all) once they're complete without making any additional purchases.

The biggest question parents have when they hear "play-based" is, "Do I have to buy a ton of extra supplies?" No! You'll find the supply list on the next page so there's no surprises. Select the unit below for a clickable shopping list. Majority of the supplies are basic art materials, items from around the house, printables I've already created for you, open-ended supplies you'll reuse over and over, or books you can snag from your local library.


Unit 1- All About Me

Unit 2- Apples

Unit 3- Outer Space

Unit 4: Monsters

Unit 5: Food & Nutrition

Unit 6: Nature

Unit 7: Animals


Each unit follows a clear set of routines based on purposefully chosen skills. Children and adults thrive on routine. Repeated exposure to the same concepts in a variety of ways is necessary to develop mastery. These skills intentionally repeat each week. Each day focuses on two-three learning skills:

Throughout each unit, you'll notice sensory, art, and science skills blended in as well.

You can choose to view the curriculum on your phone, computer, tablet or print it out. Although the curriculum contains color, feel free to print in black and white to save ink. The printables that require color printing are shown with a color wheel symbol in the supplies section on the daily lesson plans. You may choose to print the printables on cardstock and/or laminate them to reuse them over and over. For affordable printing options, check out your local library, ship center, or an inexpensive DeskJet printer.


Every day I provide a clear lesson plan. The daily lesson plan contains:

Daily Supply List- Grab what you need for that day ahead of time so you're not prepping while your child is waiting (not-so-patiently).
Opening- Two songs or poems (print these out and sing along together) & scripted questions and suggestions on how to introduce the theme and daily activities.
• Read Aloud- A book suggestion and tips for creating a meaningful discussion. These books are flexible. If you can’t find them at your library, search for another book that fits the theme.
2-3 Learning Activities- A short description, steps, prompts, and extension activities with a clear skill-based objectives.

Everything you need to create a fun learning environment at home is ready for you!

I'm here to support you during this journey and would love to answer any questions you might have. Send me a message!