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Preschool Play Tricks is a simple, hands-on, play-based curriculum designed for ages 2-4. Each themed unit contains 10 days of learning at home! Designed by a teacher Mom and based on learning standards, each lesson combines play-based activities and hands-on printables to make learning together organized and fun!


This listing includes the "Balls + Sports" unit. There are two driving questions that guide the focus of this unit: "What can you do with a ball?" and "Which sports do you use a ball?" Together with your child you'll read several read alouds and practice making predictions, participating in a discussion, recalling, and responding to open-ended questions. Your child will sort by various attributes, color, type, and size. Your child will practice identifying and matching basic 2D shapes, practice counting with one-to-one correspondence from 1-10, identifying numerals, identifying numerals in a sequence, and match a numeral with an amount. You'll focus on letter Gg and review letters Mm, Ss, Tt, Aa, Pp, Ff, Cc, Rr, Bb, Ll and Ii (the letter sounds, names, and identifying upper and lowercase). Your child will also participate in a measurement/graphing and patterning activity. There are several art, sensory and science activities to promote exploring and observing.


What's included?

  • Around 60 themed learning activities (focuses on oral language, sorting, alphabet knowledge, number sense, measurement, patterning, shapes, journaling, sensory, art, and science)
  • Read aloud book suggestions 
  • A Start Up Guide to create a successful preschool program at home
  • 2 Weekly overviews
  • 10 detailed daily lesson plans
  • 29 pages of printable manipulatives
  • Extension activities


This is a downloadable product. You will receive an emailed link to download the ZIP file (containing 3 PDFs) after checkout. The link to download is valid for 30 days.

You may not make copies or distribute to others.


How do I open a ZIP file?

  • On a Mac: Downloads folder > Double click the file > A new folder will open in your downloads folder
  • On a PC: Right click the file > Click Extract All
  • iPhone: Download the free iZip app > Click the unit download link > Click okay
  • You can also extract the files on a computer and email or use Google Drive to transfer it to a phone

Preschool- Balls + Sports

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